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The Rolling Stones London Raglan Tee, Red



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Leisure The Rolling Stones London Raglan Tee in Red.

The Rolling Stones London Raglan Tee bursts with a bright red vibrancy, harkening back to the band's inception in 1962. This piece is spun from 100% organic terry cotton, utilizing low-impact dye, to marry the brand’s rock legacy with the modern ethos of sustainability. This striking tee transcends gender norms, offering a luxurious feel that's matched by its ethical integrity. Each thread is conscientiously gathered, ensuring that your sartorial statement is also a nod to environmental stewardship. Opting for this tee means choosing a path where eco-consciousness and elegance coexist effortlessly.

Wash Instructions

  • Machine Wash Cold / Warm
  • Tumble dry on low

Care Instructions

To maintain the quality of this uniquely dyed item, please wash it separately before wearing it for the first time. The dyeing process gives each garment distinctive variations in shading and color, which is intentional by design. These features contribute to the garment's individuality and charm. To prevent dye transfer, continue to wash this item separately until the color stops running. When pairing with lighter clothing, choose carefully to avoid color bleeding.

Ethically made in Los Angeles, CA