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What Your Favorite Celebrities Are Wearing This Year

Posted on September 30 2018

Celebrity fashion rules the style world – it’s next to impossible to view a fashion blog or magazine without coming across a dozen articles about what Beyonce and Jay-Z wore on their family vacation or Lady Gaga’s latest trendsetting look. The reasoning is pretty simple: we all want to know what celebrities are wearing because celebrity clothing is #stylegoals. It’s usually unique, interesting, and occasionally downright weird, but it’s always worth noting. Their style is always forward, whether they’re walking a runway in Milan or hitting a grocery store in Los Angeles. Designers send them scads of beautiful clothes in the hopes that they’ll be seen in it long enough for someone to snap a picture.

Wouldn’t that be the life? An unending wardrobe of great clothes, shoes, and accessories – more than you could possibly wear in a lifetime – and the opportunity to decide which ones will make the cut. You’d never have to wear the same thing twice! It’s an appealing thought, and that’s a big part of why our eye is drawn to the clothing that celebrities are wearing. We know it’s designer, we know it’s on trend, and we know it looks amazing on them. These are people we admire for their beauty, talent, and artistic flair, so naturally we trust them to make good fashion choices that we want to emulate.

All that said, what ARE your favorite celebrities wearing this season? We took a deep dive into the latest fashion trends and news to come away with some of this season’s hits.

Vintage Never Dies

Free People Heidi Cord Suit in Brown

Vintage fashion and styles always come back around again, often with celebrities helping them along the way. There’s no end to the number of classic styles that modern designers borrow from the past – platform shoes, knit dresses, boxy lines, bold patterns, even acid-washed jeans. Vintage looks recall certain impressions from their era, like the freedom and love of the 70's, the classy party vibe of the 60's, the pure-hearted feel-goodness of the 50's. It’s no wonder why celebrity fashion borrows heavily from these elements with flares of the modern for emphasis. Check out Rhianna in this dress that recalls vintage British style and Zendaya’s sweater-skirt-pump combo that screams 1950's.

At PUNCH, we keep plenty of designers in stock who emulate vintage designs and we even offer some amazing vintage finds from time to time. Pick up faux fur jackets, bold patterned dresses, and a whole lot more to encapsulate your favorite era.

Keepin’ it Classy

Whether they’re in the high-profile job of New British Royalty or Harvard-educated, award-winning actress, some celebrity clothing choices are all about the class. Think neutral-colored blouses, culottes, strappy heels, and chic coats. When celebs with this sort of style want to dress it up, they go for beautiful dresses with minimal embellishment and clean lines, perhaps accessorized with a belt or slim bracelet. This is a style that is far from loud, but always stuns with a high level of class. If this description made you think of celebs like Meghan Markle and Natalie Portman, you’re right on the money.

Recreate this style at PUNCH by looking through the neutral dresses, fitted crop pants, and puff-sleeve blouses.

Gender Bending

Women wearing clothing coded more masculine is nothing new – we’ve been doing it for centuries for any number of reasons, from enjoying the comfort of clothing styled for men to wanting to project more authority in the workplace. Thankfully, the fashion world has finally caught up and is now offering options made for women that recall more masculine colors, lines, and power without sacrificing femininity. Not sure if the look’s for you? Well, check out Gillian Anderson’s latest style choices before you make that decision. She wouldn’t look out of place wearing the Free People line, which is something we keep in rotation at PUNCH. It works, and it works WELL. Never underestimate a woman who can rock a suit.


Being fashionable doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your comfort for the look. If you look at celebrity fashion across the board, you’ll certainly see a lot of bold and daring looks that look just this side of painful for events like the Met Gala, but you’ll also see tons of celebs who like to keep it more real with loose-fitting tops and sneakers that still make a statement. This look let’s you feel totally at ease in your skin while you show off your sense of style, whether that style is bold colors or unique patterns. If you’re like Gigi Hadid, you’ve mastered the art of keeping it real without sacrificing your total babeness. She’s all about comfortable, loose fits that hit her body just right.

Cozy chic is our uniform here at PUNCH, so we have plenty of slouchy sweaters, sporty pants, and cool sneakers to choose from.

California Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Los Angeles is a celebrity fashion hot spot for a reason. At PUNCH Clothing, we’re a California company born and raised on California style. When we see celebs rocking this style, it usually comes in the form of bright colors, tiny dresses, open-toed shoes, a casual air, and plenty of sunglasses. It’s that sunkissed style everyone thinks of when they think of the Golden State, where there’s plenty of sunshine to go around. California celebrities like Kendall Jenner have a variety of takes on the California Girl look, from this sporty style to a more flowy, bohemian look in this dress. California celebs tend to keep it light even when they’re going for a night out. Check out these L.A. date night looks and you’ll spot some glitz, some glamour, and a lot of laid back.

Go full sunshine girl with flowing floral dresses, sandals, and oversized sunglasses. You can also go for carefree style with cropped tops and high-waisted shorts. You’ll find all of the above at PUNCH!

All About Athleisure

For as long as athletic fashion lines have been around, people have worn them as a status symbol and fashion choice. They may have been originally intended for athletic use, but it’s hardly unusual to see leggings, lycra tanks, and running shoes as fashion statements. This is especially true of celebrities who tend to look their best even while running errands or picking up the morning paper. “Athleisure” wear tends to give the impression of a polished and fit look without an excessive amount of effort. Leggings and cropped sweatshirts are the perfect “lazy Sunday” look without giving the impression that the wearer doesn’t care at all. Many celebrities can be spotted wearing popular athleisure brands and absolutely rocking them.

Want to recreate the look without the designer athletic brand name? You can find a variety of leggings and fleece joggers available at PUNCH with cozy hoodies and cropped sweatshirts to match.

Ethical and Eco-Conscious

celebrity fashion

There’s nothing more on-trend in our hearts than choosing eco-friendly clothing options. We all want to make the world a better place and with the latest trends toward ethical clothing backed by major designers and beloved celebrities, there’s no reason why we can’t look amazing while we do it. Gucci made the announcement in 2017 that they would go fur-free by the end of 2018, eliminating the use of animal fur in all of their clothing. This is a move that speaks to Gucci’s core value of social responsibility and a desire to do better for both animals and the environment. San Francisco also became the first major city to ban all fur sales this year! This isn’t an uncommon stance among celebrities who are dedicated to combating animal cruelty, like Stella McCartney, who has been dedicated to cruelty-free clothing since she founded her line in 2001. She paved the way for faux fur and vegetarian leather, proving that high fashion doesn’t have to rely on animal skin. Here at PUNCH, we carry Alternative Apparel, who we love for their dedication to making beautiful clothing from sustainable materials and using sustainable processes.

This isn’t a specific look per se – eco-friendly and ethically sourced clothing comes in many forms. Regardless of the style you want to emulate, you can rely on the associates at PUNCH to guide you toward our favorite ethical brands.

As you can plainly see, there’s no end to celebrity fashion choices, whether they’re dressing for the red carpet or a day out with their kids. Every outfit is deliberate, with many of the artsier types showing off a specific flair. Which celebrities have a style that speaks to you? What do they wear that hits your fashion sweet spot?

Are you more of a Blake Lively or an Ariana Grande? Do you really dig Courtney Love’s style circa 1993? Or maybe you prefer the classic conservative-yet-fun style of Reese Witherspoon? Once you have your style icon nailed down, you can start examining what it is about their style that draws you in. If you’re aiming for the style a celebrity wore during a certain decade, you’re in luck, because the 80s and 90s are back in a big way this year. You can even go vintage -- it’s a very eco-friendly option, and we occasionally carry vintage here in our store. Keep an eye out!

It’s easier to figure out what you love and start developing a similar style once you start breaking it down this way. Identify a celebrity style you love and build off of that. Need more help trying to match a certain look you saw this year? Head down to PUNCH and let us help match you up with the right outfit!

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