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New Women’s Fall Fashion Trends for 2018

Posted on August 11 2018

The Best Women's Fall Fashion

The mornings are staying cooler longer and the leaves on the trees are ever-so-slowly turning from green to red. You know what that means… fall is on its way! It's the autumn equinox – fall’s official start – so it’s time to get serious about the latest women’s fall fashion trends for 2018. There’s more than enough to get hyped about.

We love autumn in Sonoma County. How could we not? It’s Gravenstein apple season, the Petaluma corn maze is prepping for opening day, and that marine layer is creating that perfect cool-weather mood. The Crush is upon us as well, a friendly reminder that we truly are the heart of wine country. Why don’t we jump in with some of the best fall fashion for our very special neck of the woods?

The 80’s Are Back, Baby

We know you were rocking that anarchist punk look in the 1980’s. Or maybe you were more the short cocktail dress and squared-off shoulders type. Either way, we hope you kept a box of your favorites around somewhere because those styles are coming back in a big way, but with modern day twists. You’ll find blazers, menswear-inspired pants, pleats, and bright neons just about everywhere, thankfully in more flattering cuts than those stirrup pants you used to wear. This fall, the writing’s on the wall – wear any color but black.

The 90’s Are Close Behind

If you were a decade too late for hair bands and Michael Jackson gloves, the good news is that all your favorite 90’s styles are making their way back, as well. Blend 90’s looks like oversized flannel, cargo pants, velvet shirts, and crop tops with sleek jewelry, jumpers, high-waisted skirts, and stunning heels for a classier, updated look that still gives off that My So-Called Life vibe.

Scarves Are Multi-Functional

fashionable woman with scarf

Simple cloth scarves have always been a fashion staple and they’re getting a fresh breath of life as one of the leading fall fashion trends this year. Fashionistas from coast to coast are using kerchiefs with patterns and bold colors to create their very own unique statement pieces, from a haltered dress to a kimono-style drape. Pick up several oversized silk or cloth scarves and see what you can come up with. Best of all, you can turn them into several different outfits.

It’s the Wild West Out There

Fringe and cowboy boots are swinging back into the fashion spotlight. You’ll even find dresses inspired by The Little House on the Prairie – think puff sleeves, and maybe even a ruffle here and there. The western boot is a trend this fall that you won’t be able to get away from, but we would never want to anyway! Also keep an eye out for denim everything and lots of leather.

Neon, Sparkle, Shine

There’s no reason to reach for muted colors just because it’s fall. For 2018, women’s fashion is seeing lots of sparkle and shine, plus a range of bold, bright colors. Find dresses that glimmer and eye-catching bright sweaters wherever the latest fashions are sold. Never be afraid to make a statement.

Sell Your Skirt Short

Hems are getting higher this season, even as the weather gets lower. Pair miniskirts with tights or wear your favorite jeans under that new super-short dress. If you’re extra bold, rock that short skirt with a pair of high boots. We have a little while before the weather gets too frigid, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Fanny Packs. Yeah, Really.

They’re back in a big way, but they’re called “belt bags” now. They’re not that weird cheap canvas material that your dad used to wear on family trips, either. They function as a belt and can be used as part of your ensemble while you enjoy the convenience of the attached satchel for all your necessities. They fit everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Pleats and Plaid


You’re sure to see it this season. Pleated pants are quite flattering on longer skirts that fall between the knee and ankle. Likewise, plaid might feel a bit Cher from Clueless, but ride that 90’s wave we mentioned above and roll with it, especially in more interesting styles like high-waisted pants or cropped jackets.

Oversized Coats are Where It’s At

Maybe Macklemore was onto something years back when he sported that oversized shaggy thrift store jacket, because the trend certainly seems to be swinging that way. It looks like big jackets are on the rise and they look toasty warm. Make sure your puffy coat doesn’t take out passersby and live large!

As you can plainly see, you have plenty of options for fall fashion going into October. Want some advice on how to put together some amazing outfits with the fall fashion trends of 2018? We’ve got you, friend.

How to Rock Animal Print

Animal prints are back in a big way, partially thanks to the 80s resurgence. However, it’s very easy to overwhelm an entire outfit by going overboard. Here’s how to wear your cruelty-free animal print fashion responsibly: choose one statement piece sporting the print and build the rest of your outfit around it with understated and simple tones. Stick to solid colors. If you’re afraid to mix prints, black is always a good standard.

How to Wear 2018’s Trendiest Patterns

You’re going to see a lot of patterns in the coming months, including herringbone, plaid, and houndstooth. Much like the animal print we mentioned above, these patterns can make great statement pieces, but they can also clash with a poorly-constructed outfit. Try picking a skirt or cropped jacket to keep the pattern noticeable but not overwhelming. Pair it with some awesome slouchy boots!

How to Embrace Textured Knits

Cooler weather means it’s time to get cozy, and there’s no better way to do that than with a good textured knit. Luckily there’s plenty to choose from this season, and here’s how to incorporate them into your outfit. If you have an especially large knit scarf, head over to Pinterest for instructions on how to turn it into an incredible dress cinched with a belt. For classic Americana knits, go with denim paired with a light sweater or oversized jacket depending on the weather.

How to Make Your Florals Stand Out

Florals are perennial (pardon the pun). This year is no exception. We’re seeing plenty of flower prints and accents in beautiful watercolor and hand-printed looks. This gives your outfit a more unique, customized feel. Use single accent pieces, like printed tees, to draw the eye and wear simple fabrics everywhere else. Or, if you’re going full floral print, break it up with solid blocks of color, like a belt or scarf.

How to Be a Bad Biker Babe

biker babe

Have you seen more black leather making an appearance? You’re not alone. Get yourself a cropped moto jacket to wear with high-waisted pants and heels for a perfect leather-and-lace look or go full Matrix with a leather-esque dress or legging.

How to Break the Labor Day Fall Fashion Code

Don’t wear white after Labor Day? Please. That rule is so far gone. All-white outfits are one of this season’s best fall fashion trends. Look sleek, put-together, and all-around awesome in a monochromatic look. It’s a color that works with every skin tone if you do it right, so feel free to break that rule with impunity. Just make sure you stock up on spot remover pens, too.

We highly recommend searching for some look books to see how the fashion elite are wearing the current trends. Totally enviable, and totally doable. If you need additional tips or styling advice, our associates are always willing to talk fashion when you come to see us. When it comes to great patterns, oversized sweaters, and 80's and 90's looks with an updated twist, PUNCH has got you completely covered, literally and figuratively.

Are there any other 2018 fashion trends you’ve noticed making an appearance lately? What trends are you excited or afraid to try?

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